SWAN executes its mission through a number of programs including a resource portal, a case manager, original research, advocating for law and policy changes, and coalition work.


The SWAN Online Resource Portal is here to provide you with access to women-specific resources, services, and support. We are working every day to ensure that you and all of our members have access to the critical information and assistance you need, when and where you need it.

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Case Manager

If you are a service woman or woman veteran who needs personal assistance contact our case manager, Brianna Holman at brianna@servicewomen.org or call our office at (202) 798-5570.


SWAN facilitates progress through research. Since 2016 SWAN has conducted original research on a variety of topics. Findings from the research is used to highlight the needs of service women and women veterans. Our research has been used to influence policy and to legislate change.

Swan Annual Report: 2019 Year in Review

A recap of SWAN for year 2019. View the full report »

Center for Reproductive Rights: Serving Those Who Serve? Access to IVF for Servicemembers and Veterans

Servicemembers and veterans appear to face high rates of infertility. Unfortunately, limited information, restrictive laws and policies, high cost, and other barriers put the infertility care they need, including IVF, out of reach for many. View the full report »

Report on SAS-137 Research Symposium on Integration of Women Into Ground Combat Units
In 2019, SWAN CEO, Ellen Haring served as a technical evaluator during the Integration of Women into Combat Units Research Symposium. Her report summarizes the main findings from the symposium. View the full report »
NDAA 2020 House/Senate Comparison
In 2019, SWAN published the latest NDAA 2020 House/Senate comparison on a variety of issues. View the full report »
Women in the Military: Where They Stand (10th Edition; 2019)
In 2019, SWAN published the tenth edition of “Women in the Military: Where They Stand.” The booklet provides information, statistics, and status updates on women in the U.S. military. View the full report »
SWAN 2018 Year in Review
In 2018, SWAN was featured in the news, educated Congressional leaders on Capitol Hill, managed cases for service women and women veterans, created the Military Women’s Coalition, launched an online resource portal, and published two reports. View the infographic below to see a full review of SWAN’s accomplishments in 2018. View the full report »
SWAN 2018 Report: Access To Reproductive Health Care

The Experiences of Military Women Reproductive care for service women and women veterans has historically been a neglected area of attention by military and veteran health care providers. In 2018, SWAN conducted a survey to pinpoint areas of need relative to three categories of reproductive care; access to birth control, infertility services and abortion care. The report, “Access To Reproductive Health Care: The Experiences of Military Women,” provides key findings and recommendations from SWAN’s comprehensive survey. View the full report »

SWAN 2017 Report Mental Wellness: Bridging the Gap Between Research and Solutions
SWAN’s 2017 Annual Summit focus was: “Mental Wellness: Bridging the Gap Between Research and Solutions.” The Summit examined mental wellness along the continuum of active duty to veteran status. A subsequent report was published, “Mental Wellness Needs: Community Driven Solutions”. The report analyzes data from a national survey of about 1,300 service women and women veterans, and from focus groups of military women facilitated by an advisory committee of ten researchers and experts from universities across the country, who gathered in D.C. in November during SWAN’s second annual summit. See the full report below, as well as accompanying materials and data gathered during the Summit. View the full report »

Issues & Change

Read about SWAN’s position on the following critical issues affecting women in the military. Learn more about what we are trying to do and how you can help.


Changing Culture

SWAN believes the most critical aspect of its work is to transform military culture to one that truly respects the contributions of women to the defense of our nation and honors and recognizes their service. Part of this effort includes documenting the accomplishments and measuring the positive impact of women in the military.


Combat Integration

SWAN believes that the most effective military is one where women are integrated into all occupations without structural barriers. SWAN advocates for one single physical fitness standard for men and women, and for occupational standards that are task-oriented and gender-neutral. Additionally, SWAN believes that women should be eligible for Selective Service.


Reduce Bias, Harassment and Assault

SWAN believes that our troops deserve to serve in a military without fear of rape, sexual harassment or sexual assault, and without fear of retaliation for reporting.
SWAN supports passing the Military Justice Improvement Act that would remove Commanders from making decisions in felony cases.


Reproductive Health Care

SWAN believes that service women and women veterans deserve nothing less than the best health care available in every respect, including access to the full spectrum of reproductive health care.


Veterans Affairs Benefits and Health Care

SWAN believes that service women and veterans deserve nothing less than the best health care available, which includes gender-specific services and access to comprehensive reproductive healthcare. The number of women in the military continues to grow, and with the recent lifting of the ban on women serving in combat arms jobs, the Pentagon can no longer deny women’s access to the full spectrum of health care. This access to the best health care must continue when women become veterans. The VA must ensure that women receive the full spectrum of quality health care and maintain a disability and pension system that is fair and actually designed to serve the needs of veterans, including the unique needs of female veterans.


Selective Service

SWAN believes that men and women should have the exact same citizen rights and obligations. If the US requires men to register for selective service then women should also be required to register.

Military Women’s Coalition

The Military Women’s Coalition is a group of formal and informal organizations across the country that primarily support military women who have joined forces to elevate the voices of the current 2.3 million U.S. service women and women veterans.

Whether you are a formal or informal organization, a social group or a Facebook group for service women and women veterans, we ask you to join the coalition and help us become a powerful force for change. Visit Military Women’s Coalition »


Inaugural Meeting Recap

In September 2018, the Military Women’s Coalition inaugural meeting took place in Atlanta, Georgia with more than 130 women veterans and service women in attendance. Attendees included military women’s groups from across the country, dedicated to advocating for the well-being of women veterans and service women.

The Honorable Robert Wilkie, Secretary of Veterans Affairs, delivered opening remarks at the inaugural meeting, promising to make the VA more responsive to women veterans.

The service women who attended the coalition meeting worked in three separate working groups to create the foundational principles for how the Coalition will work. The Military Women’s Coalition Inaugural Meeting Report is the result of their work.


VA’s Office IG Report

With the support of thirty-five organizations, the Coalition addressed the recent VA’s Office IG Report, asking for support and action on behalf of MST survivors whose claims had been denied.
The letters were sent to the following offices:
MST IG Report Letter to HASC
MST IG Report Letter to HVA Committee
MST IG Report Letter to SASC
MST IG Report Letter to SECVA
MST IG Report Letter to SVA Committee

The Coalition received a response from the VA saying that denied cases would be reviewed as requested.


TAPs for Women

In 2019, the Coalition encouraged and supported legislation that would take a pilot transition assistance program for women, being run by the Air Force, into a permanent program required of all of the services.
Coalition Joint Letter TAPS for Women