News and Updates
NDAA 2020 House/Senate Comparison In 2019, SWAN published the latest NDAA 2020 House/Senate comparison on a variety of issues.
Women in the Military: Where They Stand (10th Edition; 2019) In 2019, SWAN published the tenth edition of “Women in the Military: Where They Stand.” The booklet provides information, statistics, and status updates on women in the U.S. military.
SWAN 2018 YEAR IN REVIEW   In 2018, SWAN was featured in the news, educated Congressional leaders on Capitol Hill, managed cases for service women and women veterans, created the Military Women’s Coalition, launched an online resource portal, and published two reports. View the infographic below to see a full review of SWAN’s accomplishments in 2018.
SWAN 2018 REPORT Access To Reproductive Health Care: The Experiences of Military Women Reproductive care for service women and women veterans has historically been a neglected area of attention by military and veteran health care providers. In 2018, SWAN conducted a survey to pinpoint areas of need relative to three categories of reproductive care; access to birth control, infertility services and abortion care. The report, “Access To Reproductive Health Care: The Experiences of Military Women,” provides key findings and recommendations from SWAN’s comprehensive survey. View the full report below.
SWAN 2017 Report Mental Wellness: Bridging the Gap Between Research and Solutions SWAN’s 2017 Annual Summit focus was: “Mental Wellness: Bridging the Gap Between Research and Solutions.” The Summit examined mental wellness along the continuum of active duty to veteran status. A subsequent report was published, “Mental Wellness Needs: Community Driven Solutions”. The report analyzes data from a national survey of about 1,300 service women and women veterans, and from focus groups of military women facilitated by an advisory committee of ten researchers and experts from universities across the country, who gathered in D.C. in November during SWAN’s second annual summit. See the full report below, as well as accompanying materials and data gathered during the Summit.

SWAN's 1st Annual Summit

In November 2016, SWAN held a two-day summit in Washington DC to discuss pressing challenges that service women and women veterans face, determine how to tackle those challenges, and identify the right resources to deploy. The goal of the summit was to come away with a focused strategy that advocacy groups, policymakers and lawmakers can use to address the unique needs of servicewomen and women veterans.   During the two day summit, over 50 service women, women veterans, and advocates spent time in dedicated working groups discussing the results of SWAN’s ground breaking survey of over 1,200 service women and women veterans, their  priorities and needs, potential methods to educate the public and policy makers, and how to build a sense of community. The post-event report from the summit outlines the findings and recommendations of each of the four working groups, which will set the agenda for SWAN’s advocacy and education efforts in 2017.
Sexual Assault and Sexual Harassment in the U.S. Military: Volume 5
In early 2014, the Department of Defense Sexual Assault Prevention and Response Office asked the RAND National Defense Research Institute to conduct an independent assessment of the rates of sexual assault, sexual harassment, and gender discrimination in the military. Sexual Assault and Sexual Harassment in the U.S. Military: Volume 5 can now be viewed online. You can also read key findings and recommendations by following the link below. View the full study here.