Alternative Therapies
Alternative Therapies
Holistic therapy has been shown to address mental wellness in ways that traditional methods do not. They also provide alternative outlets that may appeal to military women not wanting to receive treatment through traditional channels.


Find yoga classes in your area that cater classes to service members and veterans.


Holistic retreats have increased in popularity among service women and veterans as an alternative form to therapy. Retreatants experience therapeutic calming techniques and discover tranquility and an expanded sense of belonging. Find organizations that provide events tailored to military women’s needs.


Maintaining physical and mental wellness can be difficult, but here you can find a variety of wellness activities.

Service Dogs

Service dogs can do more than provide emotional support. They can be trained as mobility service dogs who can assist individuals perform daily tasks such as retrieving items, provide stability when transitioning from a sitting position to a standing position, and so much more. You can find organizations, locally and nationally, who help partner all types of service animals with qualifying veterans.