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Operation Tohidu for women
A holistic retreat helping our women warriors overcome obstacles to their recovery and supporting their positive transition towards post-traumatic growth.

Melwood Veterans Services’ Operation Tohidu® for Women retreats are held at Melwood’s Retreat & Recreation Center located in Nanjemoy, a peaceful and secluded wooded area in southern Maryland. The retreats are specially designed for women veterans and active duty service members struggling with the effects of service-related trauma. It is a program run by veterans for veterans.

“Tohidu” is a Cherokee word meaning peace of mind, body, and spirit. Operation Tohidu’s® experiential program focuses on confidence-building, outdoor activities, and group discussion in a relaxed, positive environment using proven techniques for the self-management of symptoms, stressors, and responses. Our highly trained staff of veteran facilitators, certified recreational support professionals, and peer mentors facilitate activities that highlight individual abilities and the value of group support to drive post-traumatic growth.

**The 5-day retreat is free of charge to veterans and active duty service members, including accommodations and travel.

Project Sanctuary

Project Sanctuary
Project Sanctuary supports military families where they are right NOW. After years of working with military families, we have become a recognized leader in bringing health and wellness to our military families. By addressing mental health first, we take our families from battle ready to family ready.

All military/veteran families who contact us, or who are referred to us, are first assessed to determine if they need support and services now (i.e., immediate help) or if they may be scheduled for a retreat. Both options are geared toward reconnecting the families to each other and to their communities. All services provided are intended to help the families thrive today and into the future. All of our services are provided free of charge to participating military families.

Project Sanctuary also provides 24/7 Peer Support.

The Elizabeth Dole Foundation

Hidden Heroes
A major campaign of the Elizabeth Dole Foundation, Hidden Heroes is a multi-year, multi-faceted campaign that brings vital attention to the untold stories of military caregivers and seeks solutions for the tremendous challenges and long-term needs they face.

Hidden Heroes seeks to:

1) Raise awareness of the issues military caregivers confront every day.
2) Inspire individuals, businesses, communities, and civic, faith and government leaders to take action in supporting military caregivers in their communities.
3) Establish a national registry, encouraging military caregivers to register at to better connect them to helpful resources and support.

Hearts of Valor

Hearts of Valor
Hearts of Valor seeks to honor the service and sacrifice of the people who care for our nation’s wounded, ill or injured warriors by providing a community of support based on a foundation of empathy and mutual understanding.

Hearts of Valor is a network of people caring for wounded, ill or injured service members, created and maintained by Operation Homefront. Operation Homefront seeks to support these caregivers in their own journey of healing by facilitating an online community that provides social connections to other caregivers in similar situations, fostering support groups by geographic area to encourage resource sharing and friendships, and sponsoring annual retreats to provide education on relevant issues.

They host support groups in several locations around the United States. The support groups are not led by professionals or certified experts. They are led by the members of Hearts of Valor that are willing to serve as facilitators. The goal of every group is to improve the lives of the people who are caring for wounded warriors.

GallentFew Functional Emotional Fitness

GallantFew Functional Emotional Fitness (FEF)
GallantFew presents Burris Functional Emotional Fitness.

Are you ready to achieve your objectives? Tired of making excuses for continuing the behaviors that simply do not work for you? Burris Functional Emotional Fitness provides you the tools to quit looking backwards and intentionally and successfully seize control of your future.

There is no charge for a veteran to go through this coaching.

Catch a Lift Fund

Physical Health
The Catch A Lift Fund enables post 9/11 combat wounded veterans all over the U.S. to recover and rehabilitate both physically and mentally through physical fitness, motivation and support. Since our founding in 2010, the Catch A Lift Fund has helped thousands of post 9/11 combat wounded veterans regain their mental and physical health through gym memberships, in home gym equipment, personalized fitness and nutrition programs and a peer support network. Catch A Lift vets are seeing and feeling results including dramatic weight loss, reduction in medications, improved sleep patterns, and strengthened relationships with family and friends, thanks to their healthier lifestyle. ​Our veteran testimonials attest that CAL has “saved their lives”; the greatest impact of all.


physical and mental health
Boot Campaign’s revolutionary Health and Wellness pipeline provides veterans access and funding to individualized and comprehensive roadmaps to recovery from invisible wounds of war.  Joining forces with evidence-based treatment and training partners across the United States, Boot Campaign helps veterans and their families struggling with traumatic brain injury, post-traumatic stress disorder, chronic pain, self-medication and insomnia.

Camp Patriot

Camp Patriot
Founded in 2005, Camp Patriot is a 5-Star rated 501c3 non-profit organization with a mission to empower and thank wounded and disabled military veterans of all generations though our outdoor programs.

In October of 2014, the Camp Patriot Veteran Retreat Ranch was established. Located in Northwest Montana this first-a-kind 90+ acre facility is a “living monument” to wounded and disabled veterans of all generations. The ranch allows us to offer a host of truly unique outdoor recreational therapy programs.

BeAti Acupuncture

BeAnti Acupuncture- Maryland
BeAti Acupuncture Wellness Clinic has a veteran program located at their Maryland clinic. BeAti comes from the Latin word beatus meaning “bliss and blessed”. Believing in health is happiness, we are dedicated in serving our patients to a path of happier and healthier life. At BeAti Acupuncture Wellness Clinic, we seek to treat both common ailments and complex conditions using non-invasive treatments designed for each patient’s specific needs, to gently but effectively achieve optimal state of health. As a team of wellness experts specialized in Traditional Eastern Medicine and acupuncture, we aim to solve the root of the problem and provide preventive care to avoid further progression of the symptoms and conditions. Whether it’s to alleviate chronic pain, boost immunity, free you from seasonal allergies, insomnia, gynecological issues, and endocrine problems, we are here for you.