Education & Advancement

Upon leaving the military, re-entry into civilian life and the workforce can be an intimidating experience for veterans. However, it doesn’t have to be. From job placement assistance, to mentoring, to development workshops, organizations across the U.S. are dedicated to preparing our veteran women for successful, gainful employment.

Educational Benefits

Active duty and veteran service members are often entitled to educational benefits through the VA. Understanding how to access and utilize those services can sometimes be difficult. Here there are resources that can help you understand your options and prepare for future success.


The United States Armed Forces is comprised of bright, hardworking people, who feel a bond with their fellow service members. Once service ends, the sense of community doesn’t have to. There are many organizations that connect veterans with one another, opening doors to new opportunities.


Mentoring services are very popular with veterans. These mentoring services work to ease the transition back into civilian life, help with employment opportunities, or help veterans struggling with personal issues connect with someone who knows what its like.

Leadership Training

Service members have skills and training unlike their civilian counterparts.


Find resources and organizations that work with veterans to find employment and ease the transition back into civilian life.