Family Services

SWAN greatly values America’s service women, who are also often spouses, mothers, and caregivers. Service women greatly deserve resources and opportunities to better their families. Child care assistance, family counseling, financial advising, information on VA benefits, or help with issues of domestic violence are all possible reasons that a veteran might reach out to SWAN for family services.

Child Care

A veteran may need childcare services for a number of reasons from making it easier for her to go to work, to attend medical visits. These resources may be able to make child-care services easier to locate or more affordable.


When an individual joins or serves in the armed forces, it can affect the whole family. Many organizations understand this and offer family counseling services, or services for the loved ones of the service members. Additionally, there are resources that can help a service member’s family better understand how to care for them and communicate effectively.

Financial Education

Financial education services are provided by a number of organizations across the country. Financial education can help veterans and their families build a stable foundation upon which their families can grow without worry.

Domestic Violence

Nearly one-in-three women will experience intimate partner violence during in their lifetime. These resources will provide information on domestic violence, supportive services, how to spot warning signs, and information on how to get help if you believe that you or someone you love may be experiencing domestic violence.