Housing & Homelessness

Housing & Homelessness

SWAN is dedicated to advocating for and assisting our service women with issues related to achieving gender equality. With the number of women in service growing constantly it is more important than ever that our service women are treated as equals in the both in the military and upon reentry into civilian life. Here you can find information on combat integration work, legal service providers for issues pertaining to gender equality, groups advocating for LGBT service members, and support services.


Mortgage assistance programs and information on financial services available to service people can be found here. These programs and resources are committed to keeping veterans and their families in their homes.

State Benefits

Every state has different benefit programs available to veterans in need of housing assistance. Information on these programs by state can be found here.


Homelessness is a pervasive problem in our veteran population. With the number of female veterans experiencing homelessness growing, there are resources dedicated to getting these women and their families into safe and stable housing.