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The Military Women’s Coalition
Women have served and fought in every conflict since the American Revolution, yet despite their critical contributions to our national security they continue to face barriers within the military and when accessing the VA benefits and services they have earned while defending our nation.

An advisory group of military women’s organizations have joined forces to reach out to and connect with other military organizations across the country that primarily support military women. Whether you are a formal or informal organization, a social group or a Facebook group for service women and women veterans, we are asking you to join us in Atlanta on September 7, 2018 to participate in an inaugural meeting to form a Military Women’s Coalition. The coalition will elevate the voices of the current 2.2 million U.S. service women and women veterans and unite them to become a powerful force for change.

The inaugural meeting will be an unprecedented gathering of military women’s organizations from across the country. The organizations that attend will be on the ground floor of forming a Military Women’s Coalition and setting the foundational principles for how the Coalition will work. The Advisory Group has drafted the following mission and vision statements for the Coalition, which will be voted on at the inaugural meeting by military women’s organizations like yours. Join us!

With the support of thirty-five organizations, the Coalition addressed the recent VA’s Office IG Report, asking for support and action on behalf of MST survivors.
The letters were sent to the following offices:

MST IG Report Letter to HASC
MST IG Report Letter to HVA Committee
MST IG Report Letter to SASC
MST IG Report Letter to SECVA
MST IG Report Letter to SVA Committee

The inaugural meeting of the Military Women’s Coalition was held in Atlanta, Ga., Sept. 7, 2018. The Honorable Robert Wilkie, Secretary of Veterans Affairs, delivered opening remarks at the inaugural meeting, promising to make the VA more responsive to women veterans. The meeting brought together more than 130 women veterans and service women, representing women’s military groups from across the country, to join forces in creating an unprecedented national coalition dedicated to advocating for the well being of women veterans and service women. The service women who attended the coalition meeting worked in three separate working groups to create the foundational principles for how the Coalition will work. The Military Women’s Coalition Inaugural Meeting Report is the result of their work.